Power Up your Mindset For Success

2018 was going to be the year you took control and achieved great things. Yet every day makes you more frustrated and overwhelmed.

You know that you are getting in your own way but you don’t know how to stop it.

The voice in your head is loud and harsh. Telling you are not good enough, that you don’t work hard enough or deserve success.

Then even when things go well, you feel like a fraud. 

There is so much you want to achieve in your business or career but you feel like you’ve got the handbrake on all the time.

You continually ask yourself, are you really ready? Or wonder if you need another qualification?

You spend sleepless hours, tossing and turning trying to decide what to do next. 

You’re worried that you’ll fail! You’re worried that you might be really successful? 

Even when you think you have made a decision about what to do next you find yourself procrastinating and not taking action, worried about whether you’ve got it right. 


Imagine it’s cold and crisp outside as you leap out of bed ready to get on with your day. You’re focussed and you have your mind monkeys under control. You know that you can achieve the goals you’ve set and you’re feeling so excited about the future. 

You’ve made friends with your inner critic and tapped into your inner wisdom. You’re excited about your strategy for moving forward and you can’t wait to take the steps you need to create the life you truly want. 

Your fear no longer stops you instead it is a source of energy that powers you forward.

You communicate with confidence and you love telling everybody about your plans for the future. They pick up your passion and believe in YOU too!

You’ve got your sparkle back and others are noticing the difference.

You know that you’re back on track. Life feels good.

And I can help you get there

I’m a coach for frustrated, overwhelmed professionals and business owners, just like you, who are holding themselves back from achieving their goals. I work one to one with clients and run online and real life training programmes. 

If you’re tired of getting in your own way and know that if you could conquer your doubts and get in control of your mindset you could achieve so much more then my online programme “Power Up Your Mindset’ is perfect for you.

I can help you to learn to manage your inner critic, tap into your inner wisdom, understand how to use the fear that paralyses you and communicate with power so that you stop procrastinating and move forward with renewed enthusiasm and confidence.

I know what it is like to be held back by your own inner thought processes and to let opportunities pass you by. In the past, I have also spent time wishing I’d put myself forward, not let my fears hold me back and acted more confident.

Then I started to learn about the power of our minds and how we can change them so that we get out of our own way. If you would like to know more about me then you can read my story here.

Power Up your Mindset Online Programme

This exciting new interactive online programme will be delivered via a lovely supportive private Facebook group. There will be a good mix of live and pre-recorded videos, worksheets and other exercises, such as visualisations and journalling questions. You will get a chance to share your challenges and get support as well ask me questions

By the end of the 4 week programme, you will 

  • Feel more productive, decisive, focused and ready to take on new challenges.
  • Be ready to open yourself up to new and exciting opportunities.
  • Feel so much more confident in your abilities.
  • Feel focused and committed to your goals.
  • Be able to break down your barriers and open yourself up to new opportunities.
  • Feel confident stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Understand what’s been holding you back and its impact on you so that you can break the cycle and move forward.
  • Be motivated to take the action needed to change your work life. No more procrastinating!
  • Feel reassured that you can handle the next steps and know exactly what to do.
  • Move from feeling stuck to feeling confident and re-energised again.

And don’t worry if you are busy and can’t keep up the beauty of this type of programme is that all the information is there for you when you want to access it!

I  have recently completed Suzanne’s Power-up Your Mindset programme and cannot recommend it highly enough.
It has helped me in numerous ways but most importantly around the issues of ‘inner critic’ and ‘fear’. Until I embarked on the programme I don’t think I was fully aware of how these issues were holding me back.
The video tutorials were backed up with written instructions and worksheets – so helpful going forward.
Suzanne has a very gentle and encouraging approach which appealed to me hugely and instilled me with confidence.
The results are tangible, I’ve already made significant progress.
Thank you Suzanne! xx

Yve Audaer

Want to know more?

Power Up Your Mindset programme includes:

Module 1: Make peace with your inner critic and connect with your inner mentor

This eye-opening week will help you to examine get clear on your that voice in your head that is your biggest critic. You will learn to identify when it is your inner critic and when it is a realistic voice. warning you of something you need to be aware of.  You’ll also learn how to manage it so that it loses it power over you. 

You will connect with your inner wisdom, your inner mentor and learn how to tap into the guidance from deep within you.

Module 2: Understanding and Overcoming Fear

During this module, you will learn the difference between two types of fear and how each feels. 

We’ll cover how fear shows up in your life and the impact it can have on you.

You will learn over ten practices that you can adopt to overcome eliminate fear out of your life and enable you to move forward with more ease. 

Module 3: Unhooking from praise and criticism

Here we will talk about the impact that other people’s opinions have on us. Many of us have grown up needing praise and wanting other people to like us and feel hurt when we don’t get approval or experience criticism. There will be exercises that will help you better understand how this works and begin to detach yourself from those needs.

Module 4: Powerful Communication

Here we will talk about the impact that other people’s opinions have on us. You will learn how to avoid all the little nuances and traps that you might fall in that indicate you are not confident in both your written and verbal communication. There will be exercises that will help you become more in control of the impact you have when you communicate with customers, your partner, your team and your family.

It’s time to take back the power of your mindset, isn’t it? You CAN do it.

With the right guidance and personalised steps, you can become clear and get unstuck so that you can move forward and truly enjoy life again.

I know you can do it! And I can help you

Are you ready to move forward and make the changes you need to make 2018 your best year yet?

Let’s Get Started.

I am delighted to announce that this programme re-opens in October. The full cost will be just £129 for 6 weeks support.

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