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You’re in the right place if you’re stressed, overwhelmed and find yourself questioning the impact of your work on your life. According to the Mental Health Foundation 13.3 million, working days are lost in the UK due to stress, anxiety and depression.

You know what its like. You’re working harder and harder, resulting in you feeling run down and exhausted. You seem to exist between your holidays when you get some time off but even then you don’t really stop working completely. This is happening more and more frequently, needing to take time out of your business in order to get well again. Perhaps your doctor has even told you that you need to change your lifestyle. Maybe you’re not even sure what that means!

You just don’t like the person you are turning into when you snap at colleagues and family members because they haven’t done what you needed them to do. It used to be your dream job or business but it doesn’t feel like it now. Somedays you just want to run away and hide from it all. It’s all become too much.

You battle with the doubt about whether you can make the changes. You fear that you might be stuck in this place as you never seem to resolve the issues. The hardest part can be reaching a decision to take action. It can be scary to decide that you are going to make the changes needed.

If you wondering how I can help you

I coach stressed, overwhelmed professionals and business owners who are questioning their work’s impact on their lives and are considering giving it up.

They’re successful but are tired of complaining and working long hours and aren’t sure it’s worth it anymore.

I help them step back, observe what’s happening and then decide what really matters, prioritise what’s important so that they can look forward to Monday mornings again with renewed confidence and resilience.

I currently offer 3 packages to help you get unstuck.

I offer support face to face if you are in Berkshire, England or London or over the phone or Skype depending on the type of interaction you are looking for.

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My Coaching packages

Lightbulb Coaching

 From lightbulb to laser-focused action

You can’t do this much longer. Every day makes you more and more tired and stressed. You feel trapped in a job or in a business that doesn’t make you happy or fulfilled anymore. Honestly? You dream about quitting and moving on.

You spend sleepless hours, tossing and turning and going over your situation time and time again trying to decide what to do.  This used to be your dream job or business but now?. You dream of committing career suicide and never going back! You imagine telling people what you really think of the company and its leadership! You know that it’s taking its toll on your physical and mental health.

Your heart sinks when you consider the decisions you need to make and the impact it could have on your life and that of your family. Yet you know that you can’t carry on much longer.

Even when you think you have made a decision you find yourself procrastinating and not taking action, worried about whether you’ve got it right. You’re stuck in an exhausting vicious cycle.

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Press Pause and Bounce Back

You pride yourself on your high standards but now you can’t achieve them. You tell yourself that 80% will have to do but it doesn’t feel right somehow. You’re seen as a high achiever but it feels like it is all crashing down around you. You dread going to work and feel overwhelmed just thinking about it.

You’ve tried to talk with people about how you feel but they don’t seem to get it. The trouble is you feel embarrassed about saying you’re not coping. You wonder if it means you’re not good enough. You told your boss how you were feeling but nothing changed.

Your family and friends tell you, you need to relax more. Like you didn’t know that!  It’s just not that easy!

You plucked up the courage to talk to your doctor only to be told that you need to change your lifestyle. You don’t know what to do next. Perhaps you’ve even taken some time off sick but it hasn’t resolved anything? You see the word ‘burnout’ everywhere and you wonder if that is what is wrong with you.

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Man undertaking VIP coaching

From Burnt Out to On-Fire

You have always been a high achiever and you’ve enjoyed the success that you’ve attained but something has changed. You’ve prided yourself on getting things done. You’re a ‘doer’ but suddenly you find yourself stuck and procrastinating. You’re no longer in flow and you don’t like.

At work, you have to deal with more and more difficult situations and people. You find it hard to cope with this. You don’t like to say ‘NO’ or disappoint others and when people act aggressively your natural response is to close down and get out of the situation as quickly as possible. You wonder whether you’re too nice to do this job or run a business.

You’re aware of your stress levels rising, it’s affecting your sleep and you’re feeling exhausted during the day. Sometimes, you feel sick and your heart is racing. It feels like all the fun has been sucked out of your life.  You’ve tried to just keep going. Put a brave face on it. Grin and bear it. You give yourself no time to really think about what’s happening as surely it will change soon. Won’t it?

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Why work with me?

Clarity about who you want to be, what you want to achieve and a roadmap to get you there.

Why work with me?

Powerful strategies, skills and tools to empower you to reach your goals, build confidence, make decisions and changes.

Why work with me?

You’ll tackle limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, fears, doubts and procrastination.

Why work with me?

Support to hold you accountable and keep you motivated and focused like never before.