Are you a small business owner or coach who wants to create a life and business that’s full of freedom, fun and flow–completely on your terms? Then you need to know about this…

Craving More Freedom in Your Life or Business? Here’s How to Get the Exact Life You Want…

Bottom Line: You started your business because you wanted more freedom. 

Time freedom–so you could do only the work you want to do, when you want to do it (without someone else telling what you needed to do and when).

Financial freedom–so you could buy yourself and your family a treat without a worry, invest in all the things you always wanted to invest in and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences with your friends and family.

And freedom to be who you are at your core–and fully express it, every day. And to help others by doing that

Unfortunately? Right now, you don’t feel like you’re “there” yet.

Sure, you’ve tried to “create the life of your dreams.”

You set business goals–kind of–but you often don’t hit them.

You get a handle on your finances for a while – but eventually you’re overwhelmed again.

You find a way to “level up” your mindset or curb a bad habit and feel better about yourself for a while–but a few weeks later it all comes creeping back in.

Can you relate? If so, you’re in the right place.

Listen: I know that not having the life you thought you’d have by now hurts, but I also know it hurts that much more when you see others around you living out their dreams (seemingly) so easily.

Yep: There are seemingly countless small business owners with booming businesses, overflowing bank accounts and all the freedom to do what they want each day.

✅ Drop work for a place on a yoga retreat? No problem!
✅ Travel to a new country every month for a high-end mastermind? Yep.
✅ Take a leisurely 4-week sabbatical without running their business into the ground? Sure!

You can’t help but wonder: How do they look so balanced, healthy, creative and loving – on top of being so successful, smart with money and seemingly always inspired–when you’re still struggling to hit consistent £5k months, pay off debt or stick to your goal of writing just one measly Instagram post each day?

Well, Here’s What Those High Performing Business Owners and Coaches Know that Most People Don’t…

The good – albeit maybe slightly frustrating–news is you’ve actually held the (very simple) key to a better, more fulfilling, freedom-filled life in your hands the whole time.

You do NOT need an elaborate, three-hour long morning routine to help you manifest what you want.

You do NOT need to be in business years & years and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds figuring it out on your own.

And you don’t even need any fancy tools or apps or software! (Or a huge team–unless that’s part of your dream life, of course!)

You just need focus–and this one so-simple-it’s-stupid technique.

Oh, and a few extra minutes a day.

So, no you’re not missing out on some crazy, complicated “secret.” And everything you’ve watched others achieve can also be yours.

It was under your nose the whole time.

Ready to Learn How to Journal Your Way to What You Want –  No Elaborate Rituals Required?

If you’re thinking, “Wait? Journaling? You can’t be serious.” I want you to know I get it, I felt the same way too a while back

But whether you think it’s too easy, too ‘woo’ or just plain too good to be true, I guarantee a quick Google search for “manifesting stories” will absolutely change your mind.  Journaling–simple as it may seem–has been the “secret” behind the success of almost every high-performer in history, and continues to be today, too!

And this isn’t just woo-woo or fluff. Journaling has been scientifically proven to help relieve stress, improve mood, help you become a better leader (and learn more about yourself) and even boost creativity.

This is because ALL success starts in the MIND before it becomes REALITY. And journaling is THE most powerful way to take what’s in our mind and put it into tangible form – on paper.

Do it right and journaling can help you gain laser clarity in every area of your life–and help you bring it to fruition, too. (It’s one of the few tools that will help you do both!)

And best of all, it isn’t time-consuming, doesn’t require any special tools or apps and literally ANYONE can do it, ANYWHERE.

So listen. If you feel like you’ve tried all the “manifesting tips” out there but nothing has quite worked (or stuck), I’ve created a special and simple programme just for you.


Success Journaling:  How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality In Just Minutes a Day!

During this 4-lesson course, you’ll discover how to use the power of the written word to transform every area of your life, from your finances to your friendships.  You’ll receive step-by-step guidance in each lesson, plus specific journaling prompts you can use right away. You can work on one category at a time before moving onto the next–or use several prompts from the course to create your own customised journaling routine. The choice is yours!

In addition, you’ll receive a lesson-specific workbook to help you explore how to make journaling work for you, with lots of room for notes and checklists.

So, if you’re ready to…

  • Gain clarity on your dreams, goals and create an ultimate vision for every area of your life
  • Let go of stress and give order to your thoughts (so you’re no longer taking it out on others around you–hello, healthier relationships!)
  • Feel more creative and inspired, become a better writer and create badass content–without even “trying”!
  • Reduce debt, stop struggling financially or (finally) hit your money goals
  • Define & confidently step into the next-level version of you
  • Create your dream life and manifest everything that will make you happy and joyous–faster than you ever thought possible
Here's what is included.

4 lessons available immediately. You can get started today if you want. You get to choose whether you set aside some time each day and work your way through the lessons or do one per week or month. It’s completely up to you.

Each pdf lesson contains what I want you to think about around 45 journal prompts on that lesson topic to get you started (no more sat not knowing what to write about!). Plus there is a workbook for you to print and complete. Or you can of course use your own journal. The choice is yours.

Lesson 1: Write Your Way to a Lifestyle You Love

Lesson 1: Write Your Way to a Lifestyle You Love

In this first foundation lesson, we’ll discuss all the mind-blowing benefits of journaling and precisely how to add this incredibly simple-but-effective practice into your daily routine. You’ll also identify what’s important to you–so you know exactly what to focus on journaling about. (There’s also 30+ journaling prompts to get those wheels turning!)

Here’s what we’ll cover…

  • What journaling really is, what it can do for you and how to use a journal to manifest a life you love–even if you’ve never done it before (or you’ve tried it and “it hasn’t worked”!)
  • One subtle mindset shift to make around manifesting–it’s not magic, but it DOES work!
  • The not-often-talked-about benefits of journaling–from stress relief to financial freedom!
  • How to choose the perfect journaling style(s) for you–so you squeeze the most benefit out of your new practice!
  • The one prompt a day challenge that’ll help you build this new habit–in just minutes a day!
Lesson 2: A Proven System for Managing & Multiplying Your Money

Lesson 2: A Proven System for Managing & Multiplying Your Money 

If you have money woes of any kind, journaling can help. Lesson 2 will help you learn to identify old money fears, doubts and issues and use journaling to work through them–for good.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

  • Why keeping a money journal is a MUST-DO for most entrepreneurs–whether you have trouble managing your cash or just want to make more of it!
  • How to figure out which money issues are holding you back from success–plus specific journaling prompts for permanently clearing away old money fears and doubts.
  • The RIGHT way to do “money work” through journaling–and what really needs to go into YOUR money journal.
  • Simple ways to use journaling to create new beliefs about money–so you can (finally) easily bring more of it into your life!
Lesson 3: Simple Daily Practices to Build a Bigger, Better Business

Lesson 3: Simple Daily Practices to Build a Bigger, Better Business

Some of the most successful, brilliant and creative business people were also avid journal keepers. From Albert Einstein to Frida Kahlo (just to name a few), many incredible people in history have used journaling to achieve clearer thinking, enhanced productivity, and even improved health (hello, stress relief!). Lesson 3 explains why journaling is such an effective tool–specifically for entrepreneurs –and how you can use it to build a bigger and better business.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

  • Why you absolute need a business journal if you’re a solo show or a small business owner–and what exactly should go into it.
  • How to improve business clarity and creativity–so you can create content more easily and move toward your business goals with increased confidence.
  • How using a business journal can help shorten the costly “trial and error” phase of doing business–no matter your industry or niche!
  • How to use your business journal to sharpen your creativity and come up with HOT creative ideas for content, offers and MUCH more–and stop second-guessing them, too (read: NO MORE watching someone else bring your ideas to market first!)
  • How to use a business journal to cultivate a clear & positive mindset and build better relationships–so you can serve clients at a higher-level and create a memorable experience that ensures they come back to you for more!

4 must-ask questions to help you reflect–and move forward in your business with complete confidence!

Lesson 4: Consciously Create & Confidently Become the Next Level Version of You

Lesson 4: Consciously Create & Confidently Become the Next Level Version of You

Manifesting the freedom you want isn’t just about gaining clarity about what you truly want (although that’s a huge part of it!), it’s also about feeling worthy of what you desire. Lesson 4 is all about identifying who you want to become and what level of success you desire–and then, using journaling to help you truly embody and become the “next level” you!

We’ll cover…

  • Exploring your inner workings in your journal to identify the beliefs holding you back from the freedom you desire–and exactly what to write in your journal daily so new beliefs seep into your subconscious (without extra work on your part!)
  • How to use your journal to set achievable long-term and short-term goals, access your inner wisdom & intuition–and even serve as your own therapist!
  • Specific prompts to help you define or redefine success, make better decisions, get out of your comfort zone to create “next level” habits–and even give yourself permission to be who you were always meant to be!
  • Defining your next level vision– and figuring out how to fill the gap between your ultimate life vision and where you are now!


I knew that Suzanne understood me and got me, I was struggling with overwhelm.   I just didn’t know where to start. Since working with Suzanne, I have tripled my income. Tripled it. That is just incredible.  I’m not a charity anymore. I am a fully fledged business owner who has a huge amount of confidence and joy, even more joy for what I do than I had before.

The best business decision I ever made.

So thank you Saint Suzanne.

Yve Audaer

6 for Success

Within a week, I’d noticed a difference in my business and myself. I honestly can’t recommend Suzanne highly enough. She has changed everything for me. She is patient, kind, supportive, understanding and so many other wonderful qualities. She is a fountain of all knowledge – if Suzanne doesn’t know it then its not worth knowing. She brings out qualities in you that you never knew you had, and gives you alternative ways to think about things. If you’re procrastinating then STOP – just do it, you honestly wont regret one single second.

I love working with Suzanne and honestly wished I’d done this months ago.

Donna Vittozzi

Baileys New Cars Direct

Want to know a bit about me?  


My passion is supporting non-millennial business owners to grow profitable online businesses they love without them becoming overwhelmed or frustrated. I believe that it is not too late and you’re never too old to learn to do what’s needed, you just need the right guide.

I’m a 4 times award nominated business and mindset coach and have been published in The Guardian, the Huffington Post and ThriveGlobal.  I took the plunge and established my business 4 years ago following a long corporate HR leadership career.

I graduated from Henley Business School with a Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Behavioural Change and she also has a Postgraduate Diploma in the Psychology of Organisation Development & Change.

I live in my empty nest in Berkshire, UK with my husband. I’ve been partial in a gin and tonic even before it was fashionable! We love to travel and explore new places and make new friends (when life isn’t in Lockdown!).



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