You’re enthusiastic after your break but your current job no longer excites. You know you need to either get promoted or resign. So how do you go about getting the job you want.

So what’s stopping you from getting your dream role?

While all sorts of things affect the labour market, good people, like you, are still getting promoted or changing roles. Is it possible you are using it as an excuse?

If you’ve been searching for a while, maybe your confidence has taken a knock?

It’s important to remember that hiring managers will pick up on any lack of confidence, a negative attitude and body language. If you’re not feeling your best it will be hard for you to sell yourself.

If you keep getting interviews but never manage to nail the job then you need to put down your CV and spend some time of self-reflection. In my ‘7 steps to successfully getting the job you want’ e-book, I talk about the first step being ‘self-awareness’. People often skip this critical step and go straight to job hunting. Reflect on how you come across during the phone/face-to-face interviews. What does your body language, voice, image, say about you?

Maybe you are down heartened and disappointed and feel that you can’t compete or you have become negative and cynical about the process.

The question you need to ask yourself is … Do you believe that you can get the job? Do you believe that you are an amazing candidate, who they would be silly to turn down? What are the messages you are sending yourself?

Remember that failure is only feedback, it is part of the process. It’s what you do next that matters.

This is a good time to think about ways to boost your confidence. You could try a new haircut or even a new outfit.

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