Even successful people want to find more self-confidence. People who exude self-assurance easily influence others, build bigger more profitable businesses, earn more money, and seem to have more fun and success. As a coach, it’s not unusual for my clients to confide they think they could do much more if only they had more self-confidence. Indeed, it is not unusual for a new client to approach me as they want to develop greater self-confidence to help them achieve more in their business. They see others as having more confidence than they do and feel that lack of confidence is stopping them from living up to their real potential.

We see some people who naturally seem to have it, and we look on with envy and wonder if they were born lucky with the right kind of parents. It is easy to ignore the fact that self-confidence is something each of us has to develop. In any case, knowing a few strategies for improving self-confidence will ensure that you can improve confidence and reap the benefits.

Each of us has a baseline of confidence. Some people have unshakable confidence built upon strong foundations; others find their confidence level is a bit shaky when faced with mistakes, criticisms and failures. I have lost count of the number of times that someone has said to me that something that has happened to them has knocked their confidence.

Lack of self-confidence afflicts a lot of people, we often try to hide and deny it. Yet, a false bravado does a poor job of replacing authentic self-belief; in fact, it’s a recipe for self-fulfilling failures.

Often the problem goes undetected, as many people try to cover up insecurities by over-achieving. That doesn’t work due to the negativity bias of the brain. We never forget errors and deficits and often we replay and ruminate over them in an unhealthy way. We carry around negative scripts from childhood, from parents, siblings, and school teachers. This undermines confidence. No one is immune; every one of us carries a kernel of under-confidence and self-doubt.


“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford


Where do you feel you are on the self-confidence continuum?

Not enough, just right, or way too much at some things, and not enough with others?

Did you know you can improve your confidence? You can read more about developing your Self Confidence in my blog ‘7 Steps to becoming more confident’

Of course, one way is to fast track this is to work with a professional coach.

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