So this week Thursday is the new Friday! However, as we approach the extended weekend, what are you going to do to make the best of this gift of extra time away from the office? Many will be enjoying time off, anticipating good food and drink but what else can you do? Although some, typically small business owners and senior executives who work across global geographies need reminding that they too need a break.

How are you going to ensure that when you return to work on Tuesday you feel re-energised, creative, productive and ready to take action?

We are now 3 months into 2018 and time again I read that business is facing increased uncertainty and therefore we need to increase our personal and business agility and build our resilience in order to continue to succeed.

My coaching clients are in the same situation and are breathing a sigh of relief that they have some additional time to spend on reflection and also on their action plans to increase their future success. However, I have reminded them of some other ways they might want to spend their time ioff n order to increase their enjoyment and also their future success.

5 Simple Tips for enjoying your time off.

  1. Make plans in advance. Even though the weekend is nearly here, there is still time to do this and psychology shows that we get as much enjoyment and a big mood boost out of the anticipation of an activity than from the activity itself. If you doubt this, then just think about eating a meal in your favourite restaurant or watching your team play a winning match!
  2. Meet up with friends. Often when we are busy we can find it difficult to spend time with our friends or even think of it as a chore. Yet spending time with friends can reduce stress and encourage you to take better care of yourself!
  3. Get outdoors. Being outside is good for those of us who spend most of our days in the office. It increases your vitamin D, may improve your outlook, can ease depression and will improve your focus. Interacting with nature gives your brain a break from everyday overstimulation. Better still if it is coupled with some exercise!
  4. Allocate some ‘me’ time. Give yourself permission to take some of this extra time for yourself. For many people, it may mean going to church or prayer. It can be as simple as engaging in a hobby, reading a good book, or practising some mindfulness because it will improve your mood and that will have a positive impact on all around you.
  5. Unplug the technology. Raise your hand if the last thing you do at night is checking your phone for work or Facebook! We have allowed ourselves to become addicted to technology. How about you agree with your loved one that you will all switch it off for an hour a day (at the same time) and just enjoy each others company.

What does this break mean for you and the people you work with? Have you asked them? What doe sit mean for your family?

What are you going to do to make sure that you make the most of this additional time off? Let me know by commenting below.

Success requires recharging your batteries from time to time because without a recharge we all run out of power!

I urge you to think about how you’re planning on enjoying your time off.

I wish you well with your re-charge if you decide you want support thinking things through then contact me.


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