I’ve always longed for a calm, confident Christmas, haven’t you? It seems to me December hits us and suddenly the normal sane people go crazy as if the world is about to end and it is their last chance to make their part of the world perfect! During December, I have been running a Calm, Confident’ advent within my free Facebook group ‘The Business Confidence Café with Suzanne’. The Cafe is a fabulous group of friendly supportive individuals who want to achieve success by building their mind-set and confidence. Each day, for December, there is a mini post to help the group members stay sane and deal with the madness of this festive season, click here if you’d like to join.

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Here are my top tips for creating a calm, confident Christmas.

  1. Get organised in advance. I am a fan of using an App called Trello to help me manage my lists. Trello allows you to sync your Boards across your phone and tablets and laptop. My Christmas Trello board contains a list for each member of the family. A shopping list for presents and food. A Christmas card list plus many more things I need to remember.  You can also share your boards with others and allocate tasks to them so it’s great for delegating! The wonderful Claire Ennion of Whitehouse Lifestyle advises you to collect all the items you are going to need like sticky tape and gift wrap and scissors into one place before you are ready to start wrapping.
  2. Prepare the night before. If you really want your day to get off to a good start, then prepare the evening before. Deciding what to wear, making sure your phone is charged and your keys where you need them to be can all help get the day off to a great start. You could even prep your breakfast and pack your lunch. Also making sure that you are clear on your priorities for each day, can stop you procrastinating and wasting time in the morning.
  3. If you want to feel calm, inhale lavender oil. Lavender is one of the most versatile oils in your de-stress kit. Put a couple of drops of oil in your palm, rub together, then inhale deeply.  Or sprinkle on your pillow to help you sleep at night.
  4. Build intervals of calm into your day. Pick something that you do repeatedly throughout the day, it could be applying your lipstick or putting the kettle on. As you do it, remind yourself to focus on your breathing. It needs to be nice deep breaths in through the nose for the count of 3 or 4 followed by then exhale through your mouth with a whoosh sound.
  5. During the day take a couple of moments to check in with yourself. Just stop what you’re doing and ask yourself ‘how you are doing?’. Note where you are feeling the tension in your body and stretch to release some of that muscle tension. If you’re feeling good congratulate yourself and carry on with a spring in your step.
  6. If the stress starts to build up, stop for a moment and see if you can take a few seconds to appreciate something wonderful. It could be that the children are driving you made and you manage to stop and appreciate their excitement or perhaps it’s as simple as spotting the sunlight streaming through your office window. Being grateful and finding small moments can make a real difference to your overall happiness.
  7. If you want to reduce stress, drink more water. The band of tension around your head isn’t always caused by stress, it could be dehydration as your brain shrinks from lack of fluids. So keep a drink of water with you at all times and try to replace your sugary, caffeinated drinks with water.
  8. Make a list your favourite mood and confidence boosting songs that help you make it through your day when your stress is rising. Place a star against any that make you want to get up and dance and then create a couple of playlists so you’ve always got quick access.
  9. Switching off technology has positive benefits physically and emotionally. When you are busy, switch off notifications stops you being distracted. Making sure you have at least an hour in the evening without your tech before you got to sleep helps to reduce the blue light you are absorbing through your eyes and aids sleep. So start some good habits now.
  10. On days when you’ve lost your way and can’t think clearly, it’s important to consider your own needs. One way to do this is to talk it through with others. Another is to pause and breathe and ask yourself ‘what do I need?’

I really hope these tips help you, I’d love you to leave me some of your favourite tips in the comments below.

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