Go on admit it, there is something you would like to change about yourself or in your life! Perhaps you would like to be more assertive or maybe it is to change your job or be more visible in your business. Personal change can be difficult for all of us, and as much as we say we want to change we are creatures of habit and tend to fall back on our old ways. However, we can change and here you will learn 5 secrets for dealing with personal change.

Lets, start by thinking back to the beginning of the year, did you make a New Year Resolutions? Did you think that your life would be as it is now?

Or maybe you thought you would have started the business, moved home, got a new job. In the end, a great deal of it boils down to whether you have taken consistent action to make it happen.

If you have managed to do the things you committed to then well done. You are absolutely in the minority. Now you need to keep it up and make sure it sticks.

For everyone else, what has stopped you getting what you wanted? I would put money on that many of you never actually got going and that some got started and fell at the first hurdle. Then applied the brakes!

Making a change happen in our lives can be the most challenging thing we can do. For starters, we need to be ready for the change. It is not enough to just want it. We need to be very clear on what the benefits will be of making the change and these need to clearly outweigh the losses. We need to feel that the odds are stacked in the favour of the change. It needs to be in our best interests to change.

It might sound strange but we also need to think about what we will do if and when we fail! Will we just give up or will we take the failure as feedback and get on with it, learning from it but keep going?

So assuming that you are ready to make the change, and you have decided the pro’s outweigh the cons what are the secrets of making the change stick?

Here are the 5 secrets of personal change

Secret #1

Be true to your own personal beliefs and allow yourself to evolve and change to be your best.  This will help you grow with the change and ensure it is aligned with your values so more likely to fit with your life.

Secret #2

You only get one go at life so give it your best go. Make it count. I know some people believe in reincarnation however, this is the only go you get at being you in this life so make the best of it. Learn the lessons.

Secret #3

Never regret something you did with good faith. You can’t change the past. If you need to apologise for something, then go and do it. Mostly, just take the lessons and move on.

Secret #4

Take a small step in the right direction each day and gradually you will see the change happening. Too often we try to make things happen too quickly and then end up back at square one.

Secret #5

Never underestimate yourself. You have more potential and talent than you can ever imagine. No matter what occurs believe in yourself. If you truly want it and keep consistently working at then you can make it happen.

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