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I can help if:

You want to learn how to grow your business and do you do the stuff you love without feeling full of fear and being too salesy!

You’re frustrated and lonely while you do everything yourself with little or no support.  When did you become so stressed, tired and stretched?

Even though your clients rave about you, you feel like an imposter. As you know what happens behind the scenes and you worry that will be found out shortly.

You have lost your mojo and are no longer able to bounce back as you used to. Your spark has gone out and you’ve lost your confidence and need to get it back.

You know that something needs to change and are ready to take action.

If you want a coach and mentor who get’s it and can explain things simply, challenge and support you then read on

Why work with me?

Clarity about who you want to be, what you want to achieve and a roadmap to get you there.

Why work with me?

Powerful strategies, skills and tools to empower you to reach your goals, build confidence, make decisions and changes.

Why work with me?

You’ll tackle limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, fears, doubts and procrastination.

Why work with me?

Support to hold you accountable and keep you motivated and focused like never before.

Mentoring & Coaching

How would it feel to have my eyes on your business for 12 weeks. We start with defining what success means for you. We examine your strategies and plug any gaps. It could be that you’re stuck with your website or social media. I can teach you how. Perhaps you need to set some goals. Or maybe you’re frightened of getting visible? You gain an accountability partner, a sounding board, cheerleader, someone 100% on your side


Executive Coaching

I provide one to one coaching either face to face, if you are based near Marlow, Berkshire or at near your office or over Zoom or telephone if you are elsewhere in the world.  

For organisations, I’m passionate about developing people in the workplace and am experienced in helping them step into their power and maximise their talent. You can find out more about my corporate services here

The Business Confidence Cafe

Imagine having a place to go that will give you a boost, a place where you can ask questions about building your business and receive the support you need. A place where others believe in you and your self-doubt is put on mute. A place where people grow and develop themselves and their business and ultimately realise their dreams. ❤️

How would that feel? Amazing, right! All the learning happens inside a cosy Facebook group so that it is super easy for you to pop in and the best bit is, it’s FREE.

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Here’s a few words from happy clients.

I lacked confidence in my ability to grow my business and felt that everything was very disjointed. I had two websites that I didn’t like and didn’t know where to start and felt technically helpless and overwhelmed.

Suzanne listened to me and then calmly helped me come up with a plan of what needed to be done to achieve my short- term goals and because she broke it down and managed the process it felt much easier to do.

Suzanne’s mentoring exceeded my expectations. She was always at the end of the phone when needed and supported me constantly, even through some tricky situations.  I have completed an amazing rebrand and have a new website I love. I have more clients and am growing all the time. Most of all, I have a new confidence in myself and my ability to achieve my goals.

I would highly recommend Suzanne’s services to anyone wanting a business coach or mentor who needs that little bit extra on the mindset front.

Alison Jones

Suzanne is an amazing lady who has a passion for helping others. The complimentary Confidence Cafe she runs is a truly wonderful way of her giving back. I have gained so much from it and highly recommend her skills and services.

Karen Rosser

I was stuck with a major decision and had been going over every option in my mind for months and just couldn´t seem to find a way forward. When I thought I had found a way forward, I would find myself procrastinating and unable to take action. I was really at my wit’s end and didn’t know what else to do. I felt I had exhausted every option and didn’t think that more thinking time would help but I am so glad I decided to have a session with Suzanne as a last-ditch attempt.
Suzanne asks questions in specific ways to help you re-frame the problem and then we brainstormed for solutions. Once I uncovered the actual problem and discarded all the things that I had thought were relevant but weren’t, I was able to find a workable solution.
Actually, I had completely overlooked the real reason I couldn’t move on. At the end of the session, I had a clear mind and a doable plan on how to overcome the problem. Without the session with Suzanne, I would definitely have stayed stuck and frustrated.

Samuel Jones

In our intensive one to one session, Suzanne listened to all the aspects I was struggling with and really helped me focus on the issues that mattered most at this stage, rather than be sidetracked by the things that I would only need to deal with after I’d decided what to do. Once I’d done that, the decision seemed much clearer. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my back and I can look to the future with relish.

Sarah Stuffins

Oh what to say about this wonderful lady.
Suzanne is so warm, friendly, professional but above all, guides you with so much inspiration that just makes sense. I needed structure in my work life and Suzanne has given me just that. Sometimes in life, it’s the simple things that seem so complicated.
Very highly recommended.
Thank you so much for ‘sorting me out’

Jo Haley

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